Academic Counsellors

Academic Counsellors


An academic counselor plays a crucial role in supporting students' academic and personal success. Their responsibilities encompass various aspects aimed at helping students succeed both academically and personally. Here are some key roles and responsibilities of an academic counselor:

  1. Academic Guidance: Helping students choose appropriate courses and majors.
  2. Personalized Support: Addressing individual needs, such as study habits and time management.
  3. Resource Navigation: Directing students to available university resources, including tutoring and career counseling.
  4. Advising and Planning: Assisting in creating academic plans and adjusting them as needed.
  5. Crisis Intervention: Providing support during academic or personal crises.
  6. Advocacy: Representing students' needs within the university system.
  7. Career Development: Offering guidance on internships, job opportunities, and career paths.
  8. Monitoring Progress: Keeping track of students' academic performance and intervening when necessary.
  9. Continual Support: Maintaining an ongoing relationship with students to ensure their success throughout their academic journey.

Academic counselors assist students with a broad range of academic matters. An Academic Counsellor facilitates students and may be contacted if students face issues related to advise with regards to their educational, career, personal and social development, including clarifying academic policies and rules, degree requirements, and referring students to academic and personal resources as appropriate. Following are the nominated faculty members who are Academic Counsellors:




Academic Counsellor Name

Contact Detail


First Year

Engr. Yasir Ashrafi


Second Year

Engr. Shahzaib Ahmed Shaikh


Third Year

Engr. Mohsin Ali